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Training program

In addition to the scientific training in the laboratory, PhD students must also validate at least 80 hours of cross-disciplinary training during their doctoral studies.

This additional training is designed to broaden the student's scientific culture; this may provide greater understanding of areas outside his thesis subject, may expose the student to additional techniques, and/or prepare the student's professional future. These 80 hours of additional training are a sine qua non condition for being granted permission to defend one’s thesis.

Without proof of attendance at these courses, you will not be allowed to defend your thesis. For this reason, we advise all of our PhD students to spread these training hours over the entire duration of their doctoral studies.


Depending upon your particular situation, you may be granted partial or total exemption from this obligation. For example, if you are already employed (e.g. hospital intern) or in a higher education teaching post, this condition may be waived. It is also possible to fulfil this condition by attending courses other than those proposed by the doctoral school. More information will be found in the school’s rules and regulations

Any request for exemption must be made on the : 

Exemption request form