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During your PhD

Our doctoral programme offers training both for research and through research.

It constitutes the student's first extensive professional experience, recognised the world over within both academia and the business world.

This recognition at the highest level implies that as a PhD student you will do more than simply carry out research. Guided by your thesis director, you will be a "project leader" with many responsibilities. You will be required to meet objectives, be capable of analysis and synthesis, know about intellectual property, keep up to date with the latest research elsewhere, produce written and oral presentations of your work, prepare your work for publication, respect deadlines, and be part of a team. While you are doing this you will also be preparing your future, building a network etc.

This section presents the various stages of your doctoral experience. Here you will find practical information on registering and re-registering, the different training programmes offered by the doctoral school and the Université de Lyon, the PhD supervisory committee, and how to write and defend your thesis.

For further information, please contact the doctoral school office.