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Joint supervision of thesis

International co-supervision of a thesis allows the PhD student to pursue a doctorate both in France and abroad.

The student is registered at two institutions and works with two research teams, under the joint supervision of two thesis directors. However, the student will only be required to defend his thesis once and will then be awarded either a joint diploma or two separate diplomas from the institutions concerned.
An agreement establishes the PhD student's academic calendar, joint training program, social security coverage and the payment of his/her school fees, as well as specifying the rights and obligations of all parties.
Planning for a co-supervision project should begin while studying for your Master's degree. Discuss the project with your future thesis director, who will then submit the project to the doctoral school, which will then either approve or decline the proposed project.

Budget and funding

Pursuing a co-supervised thesis entails additional mobility-related expenses. Certain institutions also require students to pay school fees and/or co-supervision fees.
It is therefore important to plan one's budget, to seek out financial aid and to apply for grants/scholarships as soon as possible.
Specific funding programmes for co-supervised theses exist with certain countries, via the Université franco-allemande, the Université franco-italienne and the Réseau franco-néerlandais.

Learn more about joint supervision and funding

Foreign students interested in joint supervision of their thesis by a French university

If you are a foreign student interested in pursuing a co-supervised thesis with a university in France, you may be eligible for financial assistance provided by your government and, occasionally, by the French embassy in your home country (in Canada and Chili, for example). Contact these institutions directly for more information.

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