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Doctoral studies are particularly suited to an international experience.

Indeed :
  • The PhD is recognized as the highest university degree by all countries all around the world.
  • Scientific research is international. Skills, knowledge, equipment and/or facilities required for your research may be situated abroad.
  • Studying abroad forces you to encounter a different culture and different perspectives and to learn different methodologies, all of which can only enrich your research training.
  • International mobility allows PhD students to create their own international network and build relations with other research teams, thereby creating opportunities for future collaborations of partnerships.
The Université de Lyon supports its doctoral schools in their pursuit of greater internationalization. To this end, the university has signed partnership agreements with the University of Ottawa (Canada), the University of Tokyo (Japan), East China Normal University (ECNU, in Shanghai) and Technion (Israel), particularly with respect to the joint supervision of theses. The university also provides financial assistance for the international mobility of PhD students (both ‘in-coming’ and ‘out-going’), within the framework of the Avenir Lyon-Saint-Etienne Program.