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Doctoral school life

The Neurosciences and Cognition Doctoral School pursues a complete series of initiatives to assist PhD students along their academic path. Each year, the school provides financial assistance to students participating in conferences and colloquiums held abroad, and organizes scientific gatherings. 

It also goes out of its way to involve each PhD student in the everyday life and running of the doctoral school. To this end, the school regularly informs students regarding its decisions that directly or indirectly impact its operations and functioning, and keeps students up to date regarding important dates and deadlines that lend rhythm to doctoral school life.

In this section, you will find complete information on the school's organized events and the "Doctoral School Council", as well as the academic calendar/schedule. We recommend that you regularly consult this section to remain informed regarding important upcoming dates and doctoral school events.

Dowload the PhD Guide edited in 2016 [PDF - 2 Mo]