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PhD Supervisory Committee

CSID Committee members

The committee must comprise at least 3 persons :

  • 2 scientists with no links to either the research team or the PhD student: one of these must be a member of the doctoral school (ED NSCo), the other from outside it. At least one of the two members must be accredited research director.
  • The thesis director (as well as the co-director in the event of multiple directors, or the co-supervisor in the event of a jointly supervised thesis).

The doctoral school office must be informed of the members of your PhD supervisory committee in the first 6 months from your initial registration date.

How the CSID operates


  • The committee members must be selected with 6 months of the student’s initial registration. The school secretary must be informed of the composition of this committee using the Fiche de Composition du CSID
  • This committee MUST meet and give their approval for the continuation of your studies before every annual registration. The meeting must be conducted no later than 15 November.

Committee report

During each meeting of this committee, it is vital that you have the opportunity to have a private interview with the committee member from outside the school. This is the occasion for you to give your point of view regarding the progress of your thesis.

It is this committee member who will then be responsible for drawing up the report about you and your thesis. The format of this report must follow the guidelines available for download below
Document modèle.