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The research teams of ED NSCo (2011-2015)

The Neurosciences and Cognition Doctoral School gathers together all Lyon-based research teams active in the fields of cellular, integrative and cognitive neurosciences. The doctoral school also gathers together teams interested in human cognition within the framework of studies carried out in cognitive psychology and the cognitive sciences.

Each team is recognized by one or more supervisory institutions: CNRS ("National Centre of Scientific Research"), INSERM ("National Institute of Health and Medical Research"), the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and the Université Lumière Lyon 2.

Today, the Neurosciences and Cognition Doctoral School oversees a network of 24 research teams divided among 7 separate laboratories. The laboratories offer our PhD students a working environment favourable to pursuing their research.

Below, you will find the directory for our research teams, with their specializations and contact information.

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