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Prepare your future

Doctoral studies comprise more than just research work. One must also take advantage of this time to prepare one's future. The objective of this section is to provide you with a few pointers for constructing your own professional project.

Doctoral studies represent an initial professional experience and should be presented and exploited as such during the PhD holder's job search. Following the student's thesis, he/she possesses a set of skills that may be applied to new professional environments. These skills include:

Scientific and technical expertise within a specific domain.
  • The capacity to manage complex problems, to research the unknown and to innovate.
  • Project management and teamwork.
  • Rigour, autonomy, perseverance and the ability to question oneself.
  • Written and oral communication.
  • The capacity to develop and maintain a network.

► More about skills and employability of doctorate holders (in French)

The Université Lyon 1 offers information about professional insertion and orientation to the students, and there is a specific office dedicated to doctorate holders (

The future of doctorate holders from the Université de Lyon

Each year since 2011, the Université de Lyon (to which the NsCO Doctoral School belongs) has carried out a survey on the professional integration of its PhD holders, 2 years following their graduation. These surveys serve as a good indicator of the employability of doctorate holders.